The 59th Intervarsity Choral Festival: SYDNEY, Saturday 19 January – Sunday 3 February, 2008

Chorusmaster: Brett Weymark
Assistant Chorusmasters: Catherine Nash, Sarah Penicka
Accompanists: Paul Young
Camp Venue: Edwards Hall, the University of Newcastle
Participants: AUCS, SCUNA, FUCS, MUS, MUCS, MonUCS, MuscUTS, Newcastle University Choir, PUCS, QUMS, ROCS, SUMS, TUMS
FIBS: BOOTY (Bibliographical Omnibus of Opinionated Trollops & Yobs)


Convenor: Lisa Teager
Secretary: Ben Mullaney
Treasurer: Allison Moore
Camp Officer, Social Secretary: Anthony Montague
ConMan: Siew Jin Ooi
Publicity, Merchandising: Tamara Murray
Librarian: Ayla Erken
Fundraising: Rosemary Neal
Transport & Billeting: Vanessa Goryl
General Officer: Lee Owens
Webmaster, IPC: Jon Hogan-Doran


Visions of Australia

Friday 25 January, 8.00 pm, Great Hall, the University of Newcastle
Conductors: Brett Weymark, Matthew van Emmerik, Catherine Nash
Soloists: Ayla Erken, Petra Lindsay, Stephanie-Heather Richardson (sopranos), Rodney Reynolds (bass)
Program: Matthew Orlovich, Waratah; Mark Fitzpatrick, At the going Down of the Sun; Dan Walker, Dusk; Paul Stanhope, Geography Songs V; Elena Kats-Chernin, The Uninvited Stranger; Anne Boyd, Missa Pacifica (world premiére*); John Peterson, Shadows and Light (excerpt); Michael Winikoff, This is Australia**; Percy Grainger, Colonial Song; Tye, Laudate nomen Domini; Moss, Rubber Duckie
Notes: with Waratah Brass Band conducted by Matthew van Emmerik; Piano: Paul Young, Benedict Mackey; Organ: Philip Matthias
* Anne Boyd’s Missa Pacifica commissioned by SIV 2008; ** Winning entry in the [:Choral Composition Competition:ROCS Choral Composition Competition].


Reflections of England

Saturday 2 February, 8.00 pm, Centennial Hall, Sydney Town Hall
Conductors: Brett Weymark, Sarah Penicka*
Soloists: Helen Sherman (soprano), Simon Lobelson (baritone)
Program: Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music; Tallis, If ye love me*; Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis (excerpt); Tallis, Why fum’st thou*; Tallis arr. Weymark and [:Philip Legge:Legge], Spem in alium; Anne Boyd, Missa Pacifica (Sydney premiére); Vaughan Williams, Five Tudor Portraits; Parry, Jerusalem
Notes: with Waratah Brass Band; string orchestra; Piano: Paul Young; Organ: Ross Cobb.

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