The 32nd Intervarsity Choral Festival: ADELAIDE, 22 August–5 September 1981

Patrons: Don Dunstan, Justice Roma Mitchell
Chorusmaster: Carl Crossin
Accompanists: Stephen Walter, Elizabeth Finch
Camp Venue: Roseworthy Agricultural College
FIBS: FIBS (Festival Information Bull Sheet)


Convenor: Deborah Tranter
Secretary: Sherry Knight
Treasurer: Daryl Colquhoun
ConMan: Nicola Bevan
Publicity: Andrew Hand
Librarian: Marjolijn Jones
Camp Officer: Neil Piggot
Transport/Billeting: Barbara Rennison
Social Sec: Elizabeth Finch
Minutes and Archives: Mark Peel
Auditor: Peter Mastersson
Legal Advisor: Matthew Mitchell


5 September, Adelaide Town Hall
Conductor: Roy Wales (deputising at relatively short notice for Jonathon Draper)
Soloists: Gwenyth Annear; Nicola Bevan; Barbara Rennison, Lynne Smythe, Gillian Dooley, Jennifer Jones; David Parker
Program: Elgar For the Fallen; Bernstein Chichester Psalms; Bobrowitz/Porter The Creation (Bullsheet said The Croation); Kodály Psalmus Hungaricus
Notes: Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra; Piano: Richard McDonald; Elec. Guitar: Michael Bevan; Elec. Bass: Dave Seidel; Drums: Dean Burbeck
Review: Elizabeth Silsbury, “Strong, sweet bonds”, Advertiser, 7 Sept. 1981, p.29. “There are few bonds as sweet, rich and strong as those formed through choral singing. Small wonder then that the umbilical cord between singers and the annual Intervarsity Choral Festival often stretches way beyond the undergraduate years – indeed, it was being said in the Town Hall on Saturday night that one of the basses was notching up his 14th time [Ross Worrall, (Ed.)]. In spite of the problems of university vacations not being co-ordinated throughout the country, a goodly company of more than 100 singers from 10 universities assembled. The small number of tenors, abundant in enthusiasm, but light in volume, is a matter for both musical and philosophical concern … After two weeks spent in concentrated rehearsals, group workshops … as well as [learning] the three-and-a-bit full works for the major concert, the singers might have been forgiven for some ragginess of tone. On the contrary, the extremes of volume, which usually expose any hint of strain, sounded remarkably fresh and free from stridency at the one end and stringiness at the other … Although there was much to admire [in the Kodály,] the greatest conviction and energy was found in the Chichester Psalms … The choir took on the musical and linguistic challenges with true academic spirit …”


Workshops held including Ian Knowles “Aboriginal Song and Dance”, Humphrey Tranter “John Dowland Songs”, Nona Monahim “Early Dance”, Carl Crossin “Sacred Music of the Renaissance”, Brenton Holmes “Percussion”, Robyn Holmes “Contemporary American Choral Music “, Tim Sexton “The Baroque”, Bruce Raymond “Improvisation “, Dean Patterson “European Chanson”. Workshop and Prom Concert at Gawler, 8pm, 28 Aug.
The IV Wine: “32nd IV ‘Choriole’ Shiraz” (McLaren Vale) and “Selected Tawny Port” (1978).

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