The 6th Intervarsity Choral Festival: BRISBANE, 26 May - 3 June

Camp Venue: Tallebudgera National Fitness Camp, Gold Coast
Participating Choirs: MUCS, SUMS, QUMS


QUMS Committee


8pm, 2 June, Brisbane City Hall
Conductor: David Barkla; Harold Badger; David Barkla; Donald Britton; Hugh Brandon
Soloists: Janet Delpratt, Coral McKean, William Merson, James Christiansen
Program: 'God Save the Queen'; Purcell Ye Tuneful Muses (SUMS); Morley Fire, Fire, My Heart, Bennet Flow, O My Tears, Cavendish Come, Gentle Swains, Anon. O Love, Regard My Plight, Giovanelli As I Walked in Green Forest, Banchiere Contrapunte Bestiale (MUCS); Morley Love’s Folk in Green Arraying, Bennet O, Sweet Grief, Weelkes On the Plains, Fairy Trains, Vautor Sweet Suffolk Owl (SUMS); Moeran Songs of Springtime (MUCS); Mozart Requiem (combined). Notes: Piano: Robin Rae; Org: Noel Clark
Review: Frederic Rogers, 'Choirs in Fine Voice', n.p., n.d. "The sixth annual inter-Varsity choral festival concluded last night with a stimulating performance of the Mozart Requiem … the first-class singing was done by young men and women whose time is already fully occupied in their studies indicating their diligent application during many hours of rehearsal in their spare time … Mr. Hugh Brandon directed the 250-strong and extraordinarily well balanced choir with enthusiasm and care to produce singing that, while it did not perhaps aim at the ultimate in delicacy, often thrilled with its intensity and sonority … In badrigals [sic.] partsongs, the choirs of Sydney and Melbourne were often unbalanced though Sydney’s 'O, Sweet Grief' was an example of really good ensemble singing."
Roger Covell, 'Concert by Varsities refreshing', Courier-Mail, 3 June 1955: 11. "The combined choirs … gave a most workman-like performance of the Mozart Requiem … it formed the climax of a thoroughly refreshing Intervarsity choral concert. Hugh Brandon kept his large forces in agreement and evoked a splendid sound."
John Ellis, 'Inter-Varsity Choral Concert', Australian Musical News, 46.1 (July 1955): 55. "To conclude the sixth Annual Inter-Varsity Festival, the combined choirs of the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane gave a most interesting concert in the Brisbane City Hall … [Conductor, Hugh Brandon] maintained an excellent balance, and obtained some fine tonal effects … Realising the busy lives that these young people lead, and the fact that most of the preparation of this choral work must be done in their spare time, we must be grateful … for such a moving performance of a difficult work … Altogether a delightful concert, thoroughly enjoyed by the large audience."


Photographs of QUMS choristers with 6 ft 2" stocking cap, Courier-Mail, 27 May 1955: 3, and MUCS students before the concert, Courier-Mail, 3 June 1955: 11.

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