The 49th Intervarsity Choral Festival: MELBOURNE, 23 January-8 February 1998

Patrons: Sir William Deane (Governor General), The Hon. Jeffrey Kennett (Premier), Prof. Alan Gilbert (VC University of Melbourne), Prof. David Robinson (VC Monash University) Chorusmasters: Ben Macpherson, Andrew Wailes
Accompanists: Jonathan Bradley, Michael Winikoff
Camp Venue: Campaspe Downs Country Resort, Kyneton
FIBS: GIMP (General Information for MIV Participants)


Convenor: Andrew Wailes
Secretary: Michael Winikoff
Treasurer: Andrew Scott
Camp Officer: Justin Presser
ConMan: Andrew Wailes
Fundraising: Leanne Veitch
Librarian: Kim Asher
Publicity: Winston Todd
Social Secretary: Nicholas Cowall
Transport & Billeting: Philip Wilkie
General Assistants: Luke Murtagh
Sponsorship: Joyce Chan
Corporate Advertising: Melissa Mackey
MUCS Representative: Kate McMullen
MonUCS Representative: Dave Young
Stage Manager/Technical Officer: Andrew Howell


8pm, 3 Feb., Melbourne Concert Hall
Conductor: Christopher Bell
Soloists: Irene Waugh
Program: Shostakovich Festive Overture, Prokofiev Lieutenant Kijé Suite, Borodin Polovtsian Dances from "Prince Igor", Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky
Notes: For the Victorian Arts Centre. With the State Orchestra of Victoria. Russian Coach: Nicholas Cowall
Review: Clive O’Connell, “A little rushin’ in the Russian”, Age, 5 Feb. 1998: B5. “Things took a much-needed turn for the better when the intervarsity choir stood up to take part in the night’s solitary Tsarist contribution … The opening Chorus of Slavewomen [in the Borodin] brought a compelling warmth from the alto forces. This kind of singing, ardent and committed, can’t be completely explained by the age of most in the choir but youthful enthusiasm must be a factor. When the large male contingent blazed into the Polovtsians’ vehement panegyric of Khan Konchak, the concert suddenly came to life. This was excellent singing, a powerful and vehement sound that made you wonder why we endure pallid, by-the-numbers performances from other choral bodies with longer rehearsal time and more experienced singers … Nevertheless, the pitching from all parts of the choir was remarkably accurate and the large body’s attention to note lengths and dynamics exemplary.”


8.30pm, 7 Feb., Church of St Mary Star of the Sea, West Melbourne
Conductor: Graham Abbott
Program: G. Gabrieli Jubilate Deo à 8, Praetorius Wie schön leuchtet, Stanford Beati quorum via, Bortniansky Te Deum for double choir [Australian premiere], Tavener Song for Athene, Thompson Alleluia, Rachmaninov Vespers [excerpts], Timothy Sexton An Australian Alleluia [World premiere]
Notes: The Sexton work was specially commissioned for the festival. Org: Andrew Bainbridge, Piano: Jonathan Bradley. Works by Farnaby, Speer and Beethoven played by Canzona Brass.
Review: Clive O’Connell, Age, 9 Feb. 1998: C5. “As with last Tuesday’s Alexander Nevsky, the singing reached moments of excellence, even if the patchwork program had a few fillers … Both Russian works on the program brought out the notable qualities of the choir: a powerful male sound spectrum, distinctive altos, a group of sopranos unafraid of challenges … splendid music, but here as precisely enunciated as Sutherland singing Meyerbeer. The premiere of Timothy Sexton’s three-movement Australian Alleluia came at the end of the night, close to 10.30, and sounded pleasant enough, if lightweight … it breaks no new ground, but is a fine example of workmanship and compositional conservatism … The Intervarsity Choral Festival will not be back in Melbourne for another seven years. On this week’s showing it will be worth the wait.”

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