The 57th Intervarsity Choral Festival: ADELAIDE, Friday 20 January – Sunday 5 February, 2006

Chorusmasters: Timothy Sexton, Peter Kelsall, Tim Marks
Accompanists: Alex Hanysz, Peter Kelsall
Camp Venue: Dzintari, Normanville, Fleurieu Peninsula
Participants: AUCS, Cantorion, FUCS, MonUCS, MUCS, MuscUTS, MUS, PUCS, QUMS, ROCS, SCUNA, SUMS, TUMS
FIBS: EBOLA (Essential Bits Of Logistical Advice)


Convenor: Angela Randall
Secretary: Tim Dunstone
Treasurer: Andrew Wilkins
Camp Officer: Lou Tunbridge
ConMan: Mark Egelstaff
Corporate Sponsorship: Matt Winefield
Fundraising: Greg Read
Librarian: Jeff Christensen
Librarian: Erin McKenzie-Christensen
Ombudsman: Ellinor Willumsen
Publicity: Phoebe Vivian
Social Secretary: Kate Haslam
Transport & Billeting: David Thorpe
General Assistant: Michael Gehling

Section Leaders: Clara Mazzone, Ali Hansen, Justin Presser, Allan Kreuiter


8pm, Saturday 28 January, Grainger Studio, Hindley Street
Conductor: Timothy Sexton
Program: Ramírez: Missa Criolla; arr. Haazen: Missa Luba; Fanshawe: African Sanctus
Review: Rodney Smith ‘Energy brims over’, Advertiser, 31 January 2006. "David Fanshawe's rumbustious amd popular hit from 1972, African Sanctus, proved a perfect choice for the youthfully exuberant 300-plus Intervarsity Choir. Two weeks of intensive rehearsal produced not only this enthusiastic and energetic performance but will also hopefully bear fruit in an equally creditable Israel in Egypt at the Festival Theatre on Friday … Conductor Timothy Sexton kept a firm grip on his eager singers, ably supported by some of Adelaide most experienced players, and they ensured everything fitted … The Sanctus itself was impressively sung with the "power, rhythm and exuberance" specified by Fanshawe and there were fleeting subtleties in such moments as the end of the Gloria and the a cappella section finishing the Kyrie."


7.30pm, Friday 3 February, Adelaide Festival Theatre
Conductor: Graham Abbott
Soloists: Emma Horwood, Greta Bradman (soprano), Sally-Anne Russell (alto), James Pratt (tenor), Alan McKie, David Hayton (bass)
Program: George Frideric Handel, Israel in Egypt
Notes: with Adelaide Art Orchestra
Review: Rodney Smith ‘Choir raises roof to praise heaven’, Advertiser, 6 February 2006. "Handel's Israel in Egypt is not all spellbinding music, but it does point the way towards later greater things, with many masterful choruses that bear more than a passing resemblance to the Messiah et al. … And there was no doubt about the enthusiasm and raised standards of the 300-strong (sic) Intervarsity Choir as it responded to Handel's more inspired writing in the second half following its rather ho-hum rendition of the first half's pestilential problems … Full marks to their splendidly roof-rousing I will sing unto the Lord, The people shall hear, The lord shall reign and the final Sing ye to the Lord, all of which made the sparks fly around the Festival Theatre with its Lares reverb system seemingly on max … The Adelaide Art Orchestra gave empathetic support and conductor Graham Abbott brought his customary confidence and enthusiasm to bear throughout the proceedings."

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