The 51st Intervarsity Choral Festival: BRISBANE, July 2000

Chorusmasters: Dr Roy Wales, Michael Fulcher
Assistant Chorusmaster: Andrew Wailes
Accompanists: Felicity Goodwin, Michael Winikoff
Camp Venue: Camp Bornhoffen, near Mt Tambourine, Gold Coast


Convenor: Michael Scott
Secretary: Colleen Kotkamaa
Treasurer: Marc DeGlas
Camp Officers: Samantha Coetzee, Livio Regano
ConMen: Rodney Polkinghorne, Melanie Zwiers
Fundraising: Phoebe Nielsen
Librarian: Kristy Ferrari
Publicity: Martin Beach
Social Secretary: Bruce Campbell
Transport & Billeting: James Lever
General Assistant(s): Nicola Pullan
IT Consultant: Rob Kearey


8pm, 8 July, QPAC Concert Hall Conductor: Dr Roy Wales
Soloists: Nicole Youl, Elizabeth Campbell, Ding Yi, David Hibbard
Programme: Verdi Requiem
Notes: With the Queensland Synphony Orchestra
Review: Patricia Kelly, “Massed Choristers Enthral”, Courier Mail, 12 July 2000: 41. “Verdi departed from the liturgical base of his Requiem to create a work of pure drama that reached to operatic heights of powerful expression, every moment and mood of which Wales coloured and shaped with strong definition. With great skill Wales blended the choral tone with the accompanying Queensland Symphony Orchestra … As the chorus thundered out Dies Irae and Tuba Mirum the QSO underpinned the drama with sharp, evocative playing … Wales ran the performance without interval so he could build the tension from the first notes to the fugal chorus and the retreating tranquillity of the final requiem. This heightened the totally enthralling performance.”


8pm, 15 July, St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane
Conductor: Michael Fulcher
Soloists: Margaret Schindler (soprano)
Programme: Bruckner: Locus iste, Colin Mawby, Ave verum corpus, Gorecki, Szeroka Woda, Matthew Orlovich, Links, J.S. Bach, Lobet den Herrn (semi-chorus), Roxanna Panufnik, Westminster Mass
Notes: Org: Christopher Wrench; Harp: Sebastien Lipman; Perc: Mark Cox. Schildler also sang Ned Rorem Confitebor Tibi and Alleluia; Wrench played Howells Sarabande.
Review: Patricia Kelly, “Mass Not to be Ignored”, Courier Mail, 17 July 2000: 21. “The Westminster Mass of young British Polish composer Roxanna Panufnik … made a strong artistic statement … The subdued Kyrie led into a joyous outburst as the Gloria tones flooded the rafters … In a night of bonuses, young Sydney composer Matthew Orlovich also came to hear the premiere of his choral cycle Links … in which [he] explored exotic, biting rhythms to drive his exciting patterns of sound … Flulcher was undaunted by this enormous task of unifying the various styles, rhythms and counterpoints. In spite of hazards, Fulcher kept artistic authority of the whole intact.”

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