The 29th Intervarsity Choral Festival: MELBOURNE, 13 May-27 May 1978

Patron: Dame Joan Hammond, Rupert J. Hamer MP
Chorusmaster: Val Pyers
Accompanist: Bruce Macrae
Camp Venue: Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat CAE
Participants: "Combined Australian and New Zealand University Choirs": MUCS, MonUCS, AUCS, FUCS, LaTUCS, MMM, PUCS, QUMS, SUMS, TUMS, UNEMusSoc, UNCS
FIBS: FIBS (Festival Information Booklet)


Convenor: Phil O’Byrne
Secretary: Jacqueline James
Treasurer: Hugh Duncan
ConMan: Ken Anderson
Publicity: Sally Angliss, Stewart Skelt
Librarian: Chris Griffiths
Camp Officer: Serena Sharp
Transport/Billeting: Amanda Boughton
Social Sec: Barry Gration
Minutes Sec: Geoff Harrison


8pm, 19 May; Wesley Church, Ballarat; 2.30pm, 21 May, Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University
Conductor: David Carolane; Brian Clough; Richard Divall; Bryan Dowling; Faye Dumont; Tom Healey; Robert Kay; Bevan Leviston; Glyn Marillier; Val Pyers; Ronald Yeung
Program: Items prepared in workshops: Franco-Flemish School of the Late 15th Century; Gilbert and Sullivan; Music of the Late 16th Century; Bach; Blimp Music; PDQ Bach; Robert Kay Quicksands; 20th Century Partsong; Recorder Workshop; Partsong, Swing/Jazz.


8pm, 27 May, Melbourne Town Hall
Conductor: John Hopkins
Soloists: Rhonda Bruce, Lauris Elms, Gerald English, Bryan Dowling
Program: Rossini Stabat Mater, Berlioz Te Deum
Notes: With Strathcona Girls Grammar School Choir, Orchestra of the Victorian College of the Arts
Reviews: Clive O’Connell, “This concert would have pleased cynics”, Age, 29 May 1978, p.2. “Despite its sentimentality and ecclesiastical vulgarity, the Stabat Mater was given an excellent performance … The choir was impeccable, if over-large … [W]ithout attention to detail [in the Te Deum], its massiveness can pall. This happened in the final Judex Crederis. The tenors were overstrained, the Strathcona girls were drowned out, the organ dynamic was unduly loud, and the end came as a relief. Despite all this, it was an exhilarating night’s music, particularly for highlighting the differing approaches to church music by two of the most cynical composers in musical history."
Eric Austin Phillips, “Enjoying themselves”, Herald, 29 May 1978, p.21. “It would be interesting to know how many professional musicians still enjoy their work … The combined Australian and New Zealand choirs of the 29th Intervarsity Choral Festival came together for the sheer enjoyment of making music. This is not intended as a condescending excuse for non-professionals who make a very fine attempt – as indeed they did. Enthusiasm and total commitment of this kind is catching … The effort of two weeks rehearsal under chorusmaster Val J. Pyers was evident in the sureness and control of the vocal lines. In the Rossini ‘Stabat Mater’ there was some particularly fine unaccompanied singing and the operatic nature of the music was suitably pointed up by [the] soloists …”.

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