The 36th Intervarsity Choral Festival: HOBART, 20 January–3 February 1985

Patron: Sir James Plimsoll
Chorusmasters: Carl Crossin, Jeffrey Horsley
Accompanist: Ingrid Leibrandt
Camp Venue: Camp Carlton, Dodges Ferry, with rehearsals in Trebilcock Hall at St John’s Park Nursing Home
Participants: AUCS, SCUNA, Canticle (Adelaide), Faye Dumont Singers (Melbourne), Graduate Singers (Adelaide), MUS, MUCS, MonUCS, PUCS, QUMS, SUMS, TUMS, UWA Collegium Musicum


Convenor: Christopher McDermott
Secretary: Joanna Adamson
Treasurer: Adam Marshall
ConMan: Susan Williams
Publicity: Julianne Cross
Librarian: Robin Kirkham
Camp Officer: Kieran Lennard
Transport: Helen McDiarmid
Billeting: Karen Finch
Social Sec: Jill Waters


2 February, St David’s Cathedral, Hobart
Conductor: Carl Crossin
Soloists: Jane Edwards, Hartley Newnham, Gregory Massingham, Lyall Beven
Programme: David Hamilton Lux Aeterna, Rutter Gloria, Schütz Two funeral motets, J.S. Bach Magnificat
Notes: Organ: David Kinsela; Cello: Christian Wojtowicz
Review: Reg Chapman, “Final concert contained style and expression”, Mercury, 4 February 1985, p.12. “the choir gave a programme which [combined] diversity of musical style with unity of expression, and the large audience was appreciative of this … The programme opened with ‘Lux Aeterna’ by David Hamilton, in which the choir was most successful in its evocation of a mystical, ethereal quality. This was followed by John Rutter’s ‘Gloria’ … the joyous sound of the third movement was an exhilarating experience.”

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