The 24th Intervarsity Choral Festival: PERTH, 12 May-25 May 1973

Patron: Sir Thomas Wardle
Chorusmaster: Georg Tintner
Accompanist: Jim Bonnefin
Camp Venue: New Norcia


Convenor: Timothy Mason
Secretary: Jeanette Wilkins
Treasurer: Ian Cressie
ConMan: Marie-Louise Sermon
Publicity: David Young
Librarian: Catherine Ardagh
Camp Officer: Margaret Herley
Transport: Bennet Macpherson
Billeting: Geraldine Doogue
Social Sec: Allanah Lucas


8.15pm, 21 May, Octagon Theatre
Conductor: John Nickson; David Tunley; John Nickson; Martin B. Dooland; Ralph Middenway
Soloists: Frances Moncrieff
Program: John Nickson Gaudy Nurglenique (Variations on Gaudeamus Igitur) (Jim Crints Consort: members drawn from any of the societies); Bach Cantata 61 “Nun komm, der Heiland Heiland” (excerpts, UWAUCS), Schütz St Matthew Passion (excerpts, TUMS); Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes (QUMS); Selections from the West Australian Song Book, or Pills to Purge Melancholy (Modus Lascivicus: members of UWAUCS), John Nickson Sea Patterns (premiere, QUMS+SUMS+FUCS recorder group); Schubert Kyrie, Bach Jesu meine Freude (chorale), Bruckner Locus Iste (AUCS); Anon. Pase el agoa, Nanini Hic est beatissimus, Byrd Mass for three voices (part), Haydn Little organ mass (FUCS+SCUNA).
Notes: “Concert One: A Choral Concert of Items Presented by the Individual Choirs and Musical Societies”. Org: Ann Utting; Violin: Alan Bonds, Colin Renwick; Viola: Kathy Smith; Cello: Graham Bean; Bassoon: Don Casson; Piano: Stephanie Boys
Review: Mary Tannock, “Choirs show enthusiasm”, West Australian, 22 May 1973. “What the programme lacked in direction and what some of the groups missed in choral refinement was compensated for to some extent by the bonus of enthusiasm from this merry band of choristers”.


8.15pm, 24 May, Winthrop Hall
Conductor: Georg Tintner
Soloists: Norma Breese, Valerie Melrose, Lloyd Masel, Barry Goddard
Program: God Save the Queen, Beethoven Mass in C, Beethoven Christ on the Mount of Olives, Gaudeamus Igitur
Notes: West Australian Opera Orchestra
Review: John Meyer, “Climax for choral event”, West Australian, 25 May 1973. “From the musical viewpoint, the Mass in C is a work well suited to a choir of students, containing as it does so much of the vigour and vitality that we readily associate with youth. Last night’s choir, under the masterly direction of Mr Tintner, provided a thoroughly satisfying and even thrilling account of the work. The choir’s disciplined response to its leader was exemplary, as was the range of dynamics obtained from the sudden outbursts at the beginning of the Gloria to the controlled restraint of the opening pages of the Sanctus … The concert was notable for the evidence supplied by the students both of hard work and complete absorption in, and enjoyment of the music”.


Festival Lecture, 2.30pm, 20 May, Murdoch Lecture Theatre, UWA: Assoc. Prof. David Tunley, “Colonial to Cosmopolitan: music in Australian society”.

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