Adelaide University Choral Society (AUCS)

Address: c/- Union Building, University of Adelaide, SA 5005
Newsletter: Skwauk
Mascot: Audrey Auc

Hosted festivals: AIV1963, AIV1969, AIV1974, MF1976, AIV1981, AIV1987, MF1990, AIV1994, AIV2001, AIV2006

Although John Winstanley had been invited to form the Adelaide University Union Choir in 1952, his departure to Sydney and the ABC commitments of his successor, Norman Chinner, meant that the choir lapsed. The resurrected Adelaide University Choral Society was thus founded in 1960 by the conductor Lewis Dawe. During the 1960s and 1970s, it was conducted by Phillip Britton, John McKenzie, Ralph Middenway, Jonathon Draper, Joannes Roose, Neville Hicks and Alan Crooks. Under Bruce Raymond, AUCS gave the Australian premiere of David Fanshawe’s African Sanctus in 1979. Recent conductors have included Robyn Holmes, Carl Crossin, Peter Deane, Timothy Sexton, William Shaw, Hilary Weiland, Graham Abbott, Russell Larkin, Peter Leech and Peter Kelsall.

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