The 11th Intervarsity Minifest, Adelaide, 21 Sept.-30 Sept. 1990

Chorusmaster: Brian Chatterton, Peter Ruys
Accompanist: Monica Laczofy, Heather Elliot
Camp Venue: Dzintari via Victor Harbour
Participants: AUCS, FUCS, MUCS, MonUCS, SCUNA, SUMS, GradSingers(UAdel.)


Convenor: Catherine Campbell
Secretary: Fred Stoddard
Treasurer: Sarah Tunbridge
ConMan: Michael Flaherty
Librarian: Melissa Sandercock
Camp Officer: Jo McWaters
Transport/Billeting: Bill Jackson
Social Sec: Louise Tunbridge, Kate Haslem
Fundraising: Gus Saunders-Sexton
AUCS Liaison: Peter Kelsall
Ass. Librarian: Elke Veeh
Publicity: Barbie Rennison, Mark Thompson, Martin Penhale, Christie Anderson, Gus Saunders-Sexton, Louise Tunbridge, Katriona Webster
Driver: Volker Stroeher


8pm, 29 September, Adelaide Town Hall
Conductor: Peter Godfrey
Soloists: Barbara Rennison, Deborah Humble, Kylie Anderson, John Pianezze, Fred Stoddard; Merlyn Quaife, Deborah Peake-Jones, Tasso Boutuessis, Alan McKie
Program: Mendelssohn Kyrie, Ehre sei Gott, Heilig; Mozart Mass in c minor (ed. Maunder)
Notes: With the Adelaide Youth Chamber Orchestra


Songbook known as the “Cutlery Drawer” as it was a place where FAUCS could place their favourite pieces!

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