Professional References

Many Letters of Commendation, written by conductors and other personal associated with AICSA festivals, have been received over the years. These documents serve to show the high regard in which Intervarsity choral festivals are held by people in authority. A selection of such letters has been collected here.

Letter from conductor David Measham ([:PIV1980:Perth IVCF, 1980])

Measham1980.pdfMeasham]] 1980

Letter from conductor Georg Tintner ([:SIV1982:Sydney IVCF, 1982])

Tintner1982.pdfTintner]] 1982

Letter from conductor Warren Bebbington ([:MIV1983:Melbourne IVCF, 1983])

Bebbington1983.pdfBebbington]] 1983

Letter from conductor Faye Dumont ([:PIV1984:Perth IVCF, 1984])

Dumont1984.pdfDumont]] 1984

Letter from Professor David Tunley ([:PIV1984:Perth IVCF, 1984])

Tunley1984.pdfTunley]] 1984

Letter from conductor David Kram ([:BIV1986:Brisbane IVCF, 1986])

Kram1986.pdfKram]] 1986

Letter from ABC Administrator Neil McEwan ([:SIV1988:Sydney IVCF, 1988])

McEwan1988.pdfMcEwan]] 1988

Letter from composer Martin Wesley-Smith ([:SIV1988:Sydney IVCF, 1988])

Wesley-Smith1988.pdfWesley-Smith]] 1988

Letter from composer Matthew Orlovich (2000-2009)

Orlovich2000-2009.pdfOrlovich]] 2000-2009

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