The Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association (AICSA) was established formally in 1973 as an umbrella organisation to support the interaction of Australia's university choral and musical societies. AICSA is responsible for maintaining the schedule of annual intervarsity Festivals and for advocacy on behalf of its member societies.

The AICSA Member Choirs are constitutionally required to be musical organisations affiliated with an Australian tertiary education institution, although this does not require the organisation to be affiliated with any student union. Choirs may therefore be one of three types:

Although most member choirs have long histories, a number of choirs -- particularly at universities without their own music departments -- have ceased existence. It is thus one of the aims of AICSA to foster choirs and to provide assistance to those finding it difficult to survive.

AICSA is managed by the AICSA Executive consisting of the AICSA President, AICSA Secretary, and AICSA Treasurer, and three other officers, the AICSA Libarian, AICSA Archivist and [:Erato Editors:Erato Editor]. Policy is determined by the Australian Intervarsity Choral Council (AIVCC), made up of the AICSA officers and representatives of all member choirs and all currently approved festivals, which usually holds it annual meeting during that year's choral festival.

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