Perth Undergraduate Choral Society (PUCS)

Address: PO Box 606, NEDLANDS WA 6909
Newsletter: Dischord
Mascot: Mr Cecill Duck

Hosted festivals: PIV1966, PIV1973, PIV1980, PIV1984, PIV1990, PIV1997, PIV2004

The acronym PUCS does NOT stand for Perth UNIVERSITY Choral Society, as there is no university of that name. PUCS is, officially, the University of Western Australia UNDERGRADUATE Choral Society – often abbreviated to 'Undergrads' in the early years, in contradistinction to the University Choral Society that was a large choir with loose associations with UWA. PUCS began in 1963 after Prof. David Tunley of the music department placed an advertisement on notice boards inviting interested undergraduates to form a choir. At the first rehearsal, Ford’s 'Since first I saw you face' was rehearsed by about twenty singers, and has remained a firm favourite since. Over the years, PUCS has performed at graduation ceremonies, in programs with the University musical, choral and orchestral societies, with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, in University Sunday services, lunchtime concerts, and as part of UWA Student Guild festivals.

In 1962 members of the choir participated in the massed choir for the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Perth. Other performances include weddings and carolling (as part of the choir’s ‘Hire-a-choir’ program), and the traditional Festival of Carols. PUCS first sent members to an IV in 1964 and only two years later hosted its own IV festival. .

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