PWUCS (Piss-Weak University Choral Society)

A fictitious though highly active university choir, the members of which appear infrequently in revue items and novelty sculling events. Members must be able to demonstrate suitable levels of proficiency in being inept, awkward and socially cumbersome. Membership is by introversion only. IV Legends need not apply. The choir originated at the [:BIV1993:1993 Brisbane IV], the name apparently inspired by the “Piss-Weak World” segment of a then-popular ABC comedy show. Original Members included Kyuse (Louise) Tunbridge, Tarquin Mohammad (Kathy Pope) and Chris Hui (Nicholas Cowall). For the duration of the Communistic [:AIV1994:Adelaide IV] in 1994, they were also known as the Proletarian Workers Union Choral Society.

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