Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS)

Address: c/- The Union, Monash University, CLAYTON VIC 3168
Newsletter: Lust of Life
Mascot: The MonUCS Cherub, Captain MONUX

The Monash University Choral Society was formed in 1962, beginning weekly rehearsals under Ken Horne in the Engineering Drawing Office, before moving to the Hargrave Cafeteria. In 1968, MonUCS auditioned for a conductor and appointed John McCaughey. That year also saw the first MonUCS Chrissy Carol Camp at Sorrento house, and the first MonUCS Chrissy Carol Concert in beautiful downtown Clayton. In 1964, they performed a Monteverdi Mass and Bach’s Christ lay in death’s dark prison with the MSO (Monash Scratch Orchestra). McCaughey left for Germany in 1971 and was succeeded as conductor by Simon Campian, Dindy McConchie, Douglas Lawrence, Ron Nagorcka, Bevan Leviston, Theodore Piekos, Greg Hurworth, Andre de Quadros, Margaret Brown, Rick Prakhoff, Adrian Kirk, Noel Ancell, Trevor Jones, Patrick Miller and Patrick Burns. For several short periods since 1993, when the choir has been without a permanent director, Andrew Wailes has fulfilled the role of Acting Conductor.

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