The 13th Intervarsity Minifest, Melbourne, 1 July-10 July 1994

Patron: The Hon. Richard McGarvie and Mrs McGarvie, Prof. David Pennington, Prof. Mal Logan
Chorusmaster: Ben Macpherson
Accompanist: Alison Conrau, Siro Battaglin, Michael Winikoff
Camp Venue: Dookie Agricultural College, Dookie
Participants: AUCS, Adelaide University Graduate Singers, FUCS, SUMS, MuscUTS, SCUNA, QUMS, TUMS, MUCS, MonUCS, MUS
FIBS: FALSETTO (For All Lost Singers: Everything To Think Over)


Convenor: Natasha Carpenter
Secretary: Julia Blackham
Treasurer: Dave Rodda
ConMan: Andrew Wailes
Publicity: Sarah-Jane Reeh
Librarian: Nicholas Cowall
Camp Officer: Alexandra Oke
Transport/Billeting: Jane Libbis
Social Sec: Natalie Levin, Anthony Botham
Sponsorship: Benjamin Hall
Fundraising: Tom Lane


8pm, 9 July, St Paul’s Cathedral
Conductor: John Grundy
Soloists: Debbie Grace, Catherine Campbell, Andrew Wailes, Nichoals Cowall
Program: Schütz Psalm 150, Mendelssohn Kyrie, Ehre sei Gott, Heilig, Bruckner Afferentur Regi, Inveni David, Ecce Sacerdos, Mass in e minor
Notes: With the Victorian Wind Consort


Known as “Australian Universities Choralfest”

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