The 12th Intervarsity Choral Minifest: Sydney, Friday 3 – Monday 13 July, 1992

Conductors: Rodney Eichenberger, John Hopkins
Chorusmasters: John Grundy, Ben Macpherson
Accompanists: Katherine Gibbney, Tonya Lemoh
Camp Venue: Hawkesbury Agricultural College, Richmond (University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury campus)
Participants: AUCS, SCUNA, Collegium Musicum of the Uni of NSW, FUCS, MUS, MUCS, MonUCS, MuscUTS, PUCS, QUMS, SUMS, TUMS
FIBS: Shirley’s FL&PS (Festival Leisure & Performance Supplement)


Convenor: Ian Seppelt
Secretary: Kate McLaughlin
Treasurer: D. Paul Miller
Camp Officer: Mandy Bray
ConMan: Chris Button
Corporate Sponsorship Officer: David Hoffman
Entertainments Officer: Christopher Matthies
Fundraising Officer: Drew Heffernan
Librarian: Stephen Bubb
Publicity Officers: Dean Ransevycz, Emma Woolford
Transport & Billeting Officer: Robin Hilliard
Technical Assistant: Andrew Bettison
General Assistants: John Kramer, Craig Miller
SUMS President (ex officio): Timothy Matthies


Saturday 11 July 1992, 2.30pm, Centennial Hall, Sydney Town Hall
Conductor: John Hopkins
Soloists: Liwei Qin (cello*)
Program: Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Pathétique, Op. 74; Variations on a Rococo Theme*, Op. 33; Borodin, In the steppes of Central Asia; Polovtsian Dances (from Prince Igor)
Notes: With the Australian Youth Orchestra.


Sunday 12 July 1992, 7.30pm, Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
Conductor: Rodney Eichenberger
Soloists: Nicola Ferner-Waite (soprano), Michael Lewis (baritone)
Program: Brahms, Ein deutsches Requiem, Op. 45
Notes: With the Australian Youth Orchestra.


Titled "Sydney Choral Festival"

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