The 8th Intervarsity Minifest, Canberra, 25 Aug.-2 Sept. 1984

Patron: Lady Stephen
Chorusmaster: Ben Macpherson
Accompanist: Lee Primer, Claire Cooper
Camp Venue: Greenhills Conference Centre
Participants: SCUNA, SUMS, MUCS, MonUCS, AUCS
FIBS: MUM (Minifest User’s Manual)


Convenor: Mike Strasser
Secretary: Hazel Williams
Treasurer: Brian Yates
ConMan: Leonie Rutherford
Publicity: Leonie Rutherford
Librarian: James Graham
Camp Officer: Judith Pickering
Transport: Kathy Schuller
Billeting: James Graham
Billeting: Alistair Bestow
Social Sec: Kathy Schuller


8.15pm, 1 Sept., Llewellyn Hall, Canberra School of Music
Conductor: Warren Bebbington
Soloist: David Parker
Program: Beethoven Cariolan Overture, Brahms Four German Folksongs, Berlioz Te Deum
Notes: Canberra Youth Orchestra, Gaudeamus, Canberra Children’s Choir, Canberra Boys Choir


SCUNA 21st birthday celebrations

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