The 7th Intervarsity Minifest, Hobart, 16 Jan.-23 Jan. 1983

Chorusmaster: Noel Ancell
Accompanist: Valerie Potter
Camp Venue: Adventist Youth and Convention Centre, Orford.
Participants: TUMS, SUMS, AUCS, MUCS, FUCS, QUMS, MonUCS, SCUNA, Christ College Choir
FIBS: LIE (Little Informational Extras)


Convenor: Brian Yates
Secretary: Adam Marshall
Treasurer: Rosemary Grant
ConMan: Susan Williams
Publicity: Eliza Adamson
Librarian: Chris McDermott
Camp Officer: Kieran Lennard
Transport/Billeting: Peter Stevenson
Transport/Billeting: Marie Aubert
Social Sec: Marie Aubert
Liaison: Joanna Adamson


22 Jan., Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania
Conductor: Noel Ancell
Soloists: Edward Talbot; Piano: Ricky Edwards
Program: Britten National Anthem, Duruflé Requiem, Handel Solomon (part), Lambert The Rio Grande
Notes: With the St Mary’s Cathedral Boys Choir.


Limit of 100 interstaters for camp.

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